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Galvanization - Plating

Galvanization is an electrochemical process in which a thin layer of coating is applied on the surface of a metal object. It is used to protect metal structures from corrosion as well as for decorative metal plating, such as gold-plating, silver-plating, nickel-plating etc.

Galvanization is an old craft, patented by French physicist Stanislas Sorel in 1837, although the artifacts found at some recent archeological sites indicate that even Old Egyptians knew about some kind of plating technique.

What distinguishes us from other similar companies is that we use a ‘tampon procedure’ which enables us to apply various kinds on coatings on large surfaces (such as church crosses, printing rollers etc.)

SMS d.o.o. company was founded in 1995. The basic activity of the company is galvanization. In the early years the company was engaged solely in selective galvanization using ‘tampon procedure’. From 2003. SMS d.o.o. has been engaged in classical galvanization as well.

SMS d.o.o is the only company in Serbia able to perform the ‘tampon procedure’. This procedure was used in the following jobs performed by the company:

  • Protection of medial pole sheets from corrosion (Vinča Institute). About 17 square meters were coated with the combination of nickel and copper. Nine layers 15 microns thick were applied on the surface. The sample was tested by 2X10-7

  • Repair of damaged printing rollers ZIN

  • Repair of rollers in the Leather-Works in the town of Ruma

  • Gold-plating more that 100 church crosses throughout Serbia

  • Selective applying of gold , silver , copper and nickel coatings

Classical plating is used in applying coatings of gold, silver, and zinc, nickel copper and tin. Coatings of zinc, copper and nickel are applied when the surface is longer than 800mm.

Our services

  •    Gold plating

  •    Silver plating   decorative and tough (electro contact silver-plating)  

  •    Zinc-coating 

  •    Nickel-plating    

  •    Copper-coating,   tin-plating  

  •    Church program :
  • Gold-plating and silver-plating crosses and various church items

  • Repairing church sasudas

You can see the map of the region with a detailed illustration of the crosses done so far.
( Click here )

You can see the map of Belgrade with a detailed illustration of crosses done so far.
( Click here)

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